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Erica Pedersen
Hello. I am Erica Rösi Pedersen, the proprietor of I.E. Tutoring's Seattle Reading Tutor. Here are some basics about me.

Background: B.A. in English, M.F.A. in Creative Writing, TESOL certification, reading skills training for early readers through adults from the Institute of Reading Development, 10 years of ESL teaching, 5 years of tutoring focused on language arts skills: pronunciation, phonics, grammar and writing.

While teaching ESL, I taught people from other alphabets how to read in our language. That is very challenging when there is no translator present! So I developed some phonics songs and stories. By teaching phonics with songs, I did not have to explain that letters = sounds. I was able to show this through singing. I soon began to use the same techniques with young people--of course it works much more quickly with small children. I enjoy watching kids grow quiet and start to smile when I switch from speaking to singing.

I have studied pronunciation and grammar in detail. I am very fascinated by language and how to teach the skills that allow kids to excel. You can get to know me even more through my writing website: www.ericarosi.com.

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