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SAT Reading Practice: Advanced Reader Stories

Read the following passage.

Just when it seemed that no one else would board the bus that would take us into the city of Kolkata, India, a very small old man appeared. He could not have been taller than 4'8", and I guessed that he was a professor because of his wiry glasses and wavy white hair.  By this time, all seats were taken and the bus was about to move. I began to rise, but the old man signaled that I should sit. Confused, I began rising anyway. At the same time, the old man walked decisively down the aisle toward the back where my husband and I sat. He was not frail at all! His movements were swift and sure, completely opposite to what I had expected. My husband became alert and was about to stand and give up his seat when the bus lurched forward. I grabbed a metal pole. My husband fell backward into his chair. The old man was projected forward by the lurch and managed to turn himself so that he fell into a seated position beside my husband. After a moment of surprised silence, all of the passengers began to chuckle.

Answer the Questions

1. The description of the old man serves the purpose of

A. revealing that the man was not actually frail
B. showing why the man captured the speaker's attention
C. suggesting that the man came from a particular region near Kolkata
D. adding a humorous tone to the story
E. showing that the speaker must be very young

2. According to the passage, what can be inferred about the speaker and her husband?

A. They are uncertain about local customs and are probably tourists.
B. They have no knowledge of the caste system in India.
C. They believe that younger people should always give up their seats for the elderly.
D. One of them is from India and the other one is a tourist.
E. They are travelling to the city of Kolkata for the first time.

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Answers: 1. B, 2. A