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SAT Reading Practice: Advanced Reader Stories

Read the following passage.

All of the passengers de-boarded the plane onto the asphalt runway. The fourteen hour flight that began in Chicago had finally ended, and the air of New Delhi was warm, dry and dusty. Small shuttles were taking groups of people from the plane to the terminal. Most of the passengers were Indian, but their varying skin tones, features and cultural dress showed that many were originally from regions in the south, west and far north. Within India,
there are one thousand five hundred recognized languages, and these are completely different languages, not dialects. The diversity of the plane's passengers testified to the panoply of the country's population. Despite not knowing each other and having experienced a tiring flight, almost everyone was smiling. Often, passengers looked up at the pale gray sky that loomed tremendously above them. After this, they would look at each other and smile. They plainly showed the camaraderie of having passed through an ordeal.

Answer the Questions

1. The tone and information within the passage is most suited to which of the following?

A. A tourism pamphlet
B. A book about New Delhi
C. A mystery novel
D. A book about the history of India
E. A book about language and communication

2. It may be inferred from the passage that

A. if there are one thousand five hundred languages, people are unable to communicate with each other
B. if there are one thousand five hundred languages, at least a few of these are dialects such as the southern dialect in the United States
C. if there are one thousand five hundred languages, there are as many distinct peoples
D. these passengers who had traveled from Chicago were born in America
E. almost all of these passengers would immediately get onto connecting flights

answers are at the bottom of the page


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Answers: 1. E, 2. C