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The Man From Thailand

man in car

1. The man in the blue car is driving to a hospital in Washington state. He works as a translator at that hospital. The man is from Thailand, and he serves as a translator for Thai speakers who do not have strong English language skills. Many immigrants have to pass English language tests and qualify as people who can work in an industry that American workers alone cannot fill. However, some people arrive as refugees or asylees (people who ask for asylum). These people have suffered some form of political persecution. Unfortunately, so many people want to enter the U.S. that few refugees or asylees come here without waiting for many years. The long wait usually means that they are deprived of a normal education. They live in sub-standard conditions because they do not have political status.

2. The man in the blue car arrived in America as a regular immigrant. He achieved a work visa to serve as a translator and was later able to apply for a green card. Now that his citizenship process is well underway, he is attending night school. He wants to get an MBA degree and become a business manager. He dreams of working in software because he likes cutting-edge technology. He is not pursuing compute science because he prefers leading people in productive ways and creating positive work environments. He values his work at the hospital, but he feels it is too easy. He wants to move on and find work that is challenging.

Answer the questions about this story. Answers are at the bottom of the page. 

1. What is the main idea of this story?
A. The man keeps changing his job.
B. The man has been working as a translator, but now he is studying to be a business manager.
C. Refugee people do not receive a good education.
D. Some people come to America as asylees. That means they seek asylum.

2. The author would most likely agree with which of the following statements:
A. The man has difficulty holding a single job, and he could benefit from getting a new degree.
B. The man could work as a translator at a company if he chose to combine his talents.
C. The man is gradually getting to where he wants to be. He will benefit from work that is challenging to him.
D. The man is very interested in gossip and the secrets that people keep.

3. How does being a translator relate to being a manager in the story?
A. To the man, being a manager is challenging and being a translator is not.
B. Beng a manager is something he would not like, but he likes being a translator.
C. Being a manager is something he would like, and he doesn't like being a translator.
D. None of the above.

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Answers: 1. b, 2. c, 3. a