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SAT Vocabulary Practice: Advanced Readers


1. requisite (RE-qui-zit) adj.--required, necessary
2. radiant (RĀ-dee-ent) adj.--very bright and pleasing
3. ridge (RIJ) noun--high part that drops suddenly, top of a cliff or steep hill or the top of someone's nose
4. remarkable (ree-MARK-uh-bul) adj.--having wonderful qualities
5. reliably (ree-LĪ-uh-blee) adv.--responsibly, as is expected or required
6. reluctantly (ree-LUK-tunt-lee) adv. --unwilling, not wanting to do something
7. renown (ree-NOUN) noun --fame, great popularity
8. reaction (ree-AK-shun) noun --response to a situation
9. rhythm (RI-thum) noun --beats in music
10. reflection (ree-FLEK-shun) noun --an image, a face in the mirror or mountain in a lake
11. relate (ree-LATE) verb --to tell

Vocabulary Story

The man sat in an office. He wrote the requisite information on a form. He seemed to be a remarkable person. His face was radiant, and the secretary asked herself if he was a man of renown. He wore black glasses that rested on the ridge of his nose. When the office music changed from blues to jazz, he had a pleasant reaction and tapped the rhythm of the music with his left hand. As soon as the doctor was ready, the reliable secretary called his name. He reluctantly walked away from the music. His face was a reflection of his emotions, and it changed from radiant to disinterested. The secretary wondered what story he would relate to the psychoanalyst.

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