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SAT Vocabulary for Advanced Readers

Study these SAT vocabulary words. Then practice with SAT vocabulary questions.

repugnant (ree-PUG-nunt): adj -- provoking dislike, having offensive qualities
When she saw her boyfriend on a date with another girl, she slapped him and said he was repugnant to her.
I know a lot of people would disagree, but I think mushrooms are repugnant. I can't stand the thought of eating them.
extraneous (ex-TRA-nee-us): adj - 1. coming from an outside source, foreign, introduced, 2. unnecessary, irrelevant.
There were extraneous substances in the milk which caused many people to suffer food poisoning.
A few people made extraneous comments after the lecture, and that was all. It wasn't an important discussion.
tenuous (TEN-yoo-us): adj - 1. having a thin or slender form, 2. weak, lacking a basis
We might go to London next year, but our plans are tenuous. Maybe we'll skip the vacation.
The flower's stem is so tenuous that it completely bends when the flower is in full bloom.
belligerent (be-LIJ-er-unt): adj - aggressive, often causing or involved in conflict
I want to talk to him, but is so belligerent that simple conversations are difficult.
Her belligerent attitude caused her teachers to dislike her almost immediately after school started.
meticulous (me-TI-kyoo-lus): adj - showing great attention to detail, being very neat
They will not be good roommates--one is meticulous and the other is a slob.
He is a good pianist, but he could be more meticulous.

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Now study more words and practice them. After that, there are more practice problems using all 10 words on this page.

profundity (pro-FUN-di-dee): noun -- having deep meaning or quality
Some people believe in life's profundity while others do not take life seriously.
When the professor finished her lecture, no one said anything. We were still pondering the profundity of her ideas.
augment (ahg-MENT): verb - to add to, increase
We are augmenting our house with a covered backyard porch.
His expertise in software will augment the knowledge of our work team.
redolent (RE-do-lent): adj. 1. fragrant, 2. having an odor or smell, 3. suggestive, reminding of
We walked through the redolent garden at the park by the sea.
The new home was redolent of oak and pine wood.
His writing is redolent of the Victorian era.
eclectic (e-KLEK-tic): adj - 1. having vared, though narrow, specific interests, 2. having information that comes from varied, particular sources
She had eclectic taste in furniture. The house was interesting, but it was hard to find a good chair.
This book has an excellent collection of eclectic facts about the history of music.
flag (FLAG): verb - to signal by as if with a flag
It isn't easy to flag a taxi in Seattle. There are not many taxis around.
He flagged down an attendant who came and helped us with our luggage.

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