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SAT Vocabulary for Advanced Readers

Study these SAT vocabulary words. Then practice with SAT vocabulary questions.

Assimilate (uh-SIM-i-late): verb -- to become like others in a group, to make similar
When some people come to America, they assimilate with American culture. Others preserve their native culture, while still others do a combination of both.
Indict (in-DITE): verb - to officially charge with a crime
When famous people are indicted, it's all over the news.
The police are searching for new evidence. They will not indict him until convincing evidence is found.
Extol (ex-TŌL): verb - to praise
My grandmother extolled the virtue of wearing quality jewelry.
We extolled the many fine qualities of the new symphony orchestra.
Embellish (em-BEL-lish): verb - to add decoration, to make more detailed, to exaggerate
You don't need to embellish your story of getting lost in the Himalayas. It's exciting enough as it is.
I decided to embellish our living room with some framed photographs of colorful scenery.
Redundant (ree-DUN-dent): adj - done before, made boring by repetition
The senator's speech was awfully redundant. Budget cuts, budget cuts, and more budget cuts!
Your essay is good, but there are places where the ideas are redundant. It could use some editing.

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Dubious (DOO-bee-us): adj -- doubtful, lacking authenticity
The scientific evidence given at the trial was dubious. It matched the needs of the case a little too well.
The content on some websites can be dubious, especially if the site is more concerned with getting online traffic than with offering information.
Erratic (e-RA-dik): adj. - not consistent, frequently changing
Even though his attendance was erratic, he made an A in the class. That made the other students angry.
My roommate's cleaning methods were erratic. She was not easy to live with!
Specious (SPEE-shus): adj - seeming true, but actually being false
His essay had many specious arguments. He had great vocabulary, but almost no genuine content.
Are you sure that what you're saying isn't specious? I think you need more information.
Jaded (JĀ-ded): verb - knowing so much as to be tired of something, having knowledge that makes one ironic
She used to believe in the political process, but after working in Washington for 5 years, she was so jaded that she tried to buy votes for her political party.
When he joined the army, he was young and energetic. Very quickly, he became jaded and harsh.
Squander (SQUAHN-der): verb - to waste, to use up on useless things
During the 1980's, many people became rich. Unfortunately, many people also squandered their money.
Her father gave her some college spending money. He told her that if she squandered it, he would not give her any more.

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