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Learn to Read Story: Reading with Expression 2

Use this story to practice reading expressively: the words/syllables in bold can be stressed. Of course, people choose to stress different words depending on their meaning--these are just suggestions. On the bold words/syllables, show your child how to change your voice a little bit--sometimes you can raise your pitch or speak the word a little louder or more slowly.

The Bad Day

bad day

 Bad Day  

1.  This is a woman.

2.  She is looking down.

3.  She has short hair.

4. She wears a sleeveless shirt.

5.  The shirt has a collar.

6.  She wears shorts .

7.  She wears sneakers, but no socks.

8.  She carries a medium-sized purse.

9.  She seems tired.

10. Maybe she had a bad day.

Answer the Questions

1. Where is she looking?

2. What is she wearing?

3. What is she carrying?

4. How does she seem?

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