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Learn to Read with Phonics: Long I Sounds Story

Use this story to practice long I sounds. Remember, the American long I sounds like Ah-ee. It sounds like the name of the letter I. This is different from long E, which is just EE. Also notice the long I is usually spelled with "igh" with "gh" silent, with a silent E nearby as in "pike" or sometimes with y as a last letter (also the plural y, "ies"). Read more about the three Y sounds.

Pike's Place Market

Pike's Market

1. This is Pike's Market.

2. There is bright sunlight today.

3. The man and woman on the right are talking.

4. The woman on the left takes a picture.

5. She is wearing a white shirt.

6. Starbucks Coffee is in a white building.

7. The sign has big white letters.

8. You see shadows by the people.

9. You see shadows when light is bright.

10. Many people smile and walk.

Answer the Questions

1. Who is talking?

2. Where is Starbucks coffee?

3. What can you see by the people?

4. What do many people do?

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