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Learn to Read with Phonics: L and R Story

Use this story to practice L and R spellings. Some people confuse L and R sounds. L is usually pronounced with the tongue touching the roof of the mouth, but it is possible to pronounce it as a last letter with only a slight constriction of the throat. With the Amercan R sound, the tip of the tongue does not touch.

Ring Bells

married couple

1.  This man and woman are married.

2.  They are smiling.

3.  The woman wears a dress and a veil.

4.  She holds flowers.

5.  She has her hair pulled back.

6.  The man wears a suit and bow-tie.

7.  He is balding a little bit.

8.  For now, he has a large forehead.

9.  They are married.

10. They love each other.

Answer the Questions

1. What does th woman wear?

2. What does the mean wear?

3. Is the man balding?

4. How do they feel?

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