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Early Reader Phonics: L and R Story

Use this story to practice L and R spellings. Some people confuse L and R sounds. L is usually pronounced with the tongue touching the roof of the mouth, but it is possible to pronounce it as a last letter with only a slight constriction of the throat. With the Amercan R sound, the tip of the tongue does not touch.

Left and Right

right and left

1.  This is the right hand.

2.  This is the left hand.

3.  The right hand points to the right.

4.  The left hand points to the left.

5.  They point in opposite directions.

6.  The other fingers are curved.

7.  You can see fingernails a little bit.

8.  These hands are in the air.

9.  Which direction to take?

10. One points right and one points left.

Answer the Questions

1. Where does the right hand point?

2. What does the left hand point?

3. Do they point in the same direction?

4. Where are the hands?

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