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Learn to Read with Phonics: Letters with H

This story includes words with SH, TH, CH, PH, WH and GH.
For WH, the H is silent.
GH has 2 phonetic purposes: silence and F. Examples are "light" and "laugh." Silent GH's are more common. The silent GH is usually used with "i" and indicates a long "i" sound.

The Dolphin Show

dolphin show


1. This is the dolphin show.

2. The dolphins jump.

3. The dolphins splash.

4. Dolphins splash the people and they laugh.

5. Some dolphins go deep under water.

6. When they jump, it is a wonderful sight.

7. People chat and clap their hands.

8. Sunlight shines from the right.

Answer the questions:

1. How many times do you see the ?

2. How many times do you see they ?

3. How many times do you see dolphin ?

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