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Early Reader Phonics: Long U Sounds Poem

Study Long U Sounds with this poem. There is a long U in "beluga." There are also long U sounds in "zoo," "too," "true," "blue," "use" and "music." Notice that for "use" and "music," there is a small Y sound in front of the long U.



This beluga whale lives at the zoo.

There is sunlight on the water, it's true.

Underground, people come and view

beluga whales in the water blue.

Big belugas need a lot of room.

Slowly, they swim. They do not zoom.

Belugas use their noses to make sound.

They whistle and swim around.

Answer the Questions

1. Where does this beluga whale live?

2. Where do people come?

3. How do belugas swim?

4. How do they make sound?

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