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The Blue Car: Learn to Read Phonics Story

Study Long U sounds with this short story. Long U sounds like "ooh!" Put your lips in kissing position The spellings are u_e (u with silent e nearby), ew and oo. There is also a (y)u sound that happens when some letters come before the "ooh" sound, especially c, m, f and p. For example: cute, music, fuel and pure. Another common (y)u word is "use." There is one final sound in this story, the relaxed ooh sound (let your lips relax about 50%). This is the sound in some very common words, like "good," "book" and "look."  These words are underlined below. Words with "ooh" sounds are in bold.

The Blue Car

blue car

1. The blue car zooms on the freeway.

2. The sky and the water are blue.

3. The weather is sunny and cool.

4. The man in the car plays good music.

5. He is too busy to look at the lake.

6. He put a lot of fuel into the gas tank.

7. There is cement and a bright yellow line.

8. These show traffic lanes and rules.

Now Answer the Questions 

1. 1. What color is the sky?

2. How is the weather?

3. Why doesn't the man look at the lake?

4. What is in his gas tank?

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