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Early Reader Phonics: Long O Sounds Story

The long O sounds like the name of the letter, O. It is spelled "oa," "o_e," and "ow." This story also has the double vowel sound in "ow" and "ou." Notice: "ow" is O as in "snow" and "ou" as in "down." "Oy" and "oi" also have a double vowel sound: long o to ee.

Man on the Mountain

man on mountain

1. This man is looking at a map. 

2. The map is on a large board.

3. Slowly, he looks at the pictures.

4. He sees a picture of the mountain.

5. He sees pictures with points of interest.

6. He sees pictures of flowers and plants.

7. He is driving over the a mountain pass.

8. A pass is a road over a mountain top.

Answer the Questions

1. What is the map on?

2. How does the man look at the pictures?

3. What pictures does he see?

4. What is a mountain pass?

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