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Learn to Read Stories: Long Vowels 

Practice long vowel spellings with this story. Practice ee, ai, o and igh.

The Woman

the woman

1.  The woman walks.

2.  She walks by the tree.

3.  The sunlight is in the tree.

4.  The woman is so happy.

5.  The woman has no problems.

6.  She has long hair.

7.  She has black hair.


A as in "cat" A as in "all" A as in "late" U as in "up" E as in "see" I in "hi" in "good"
happy walk ("l" is silent) hair woman (a = u) tree light (gh is silent) woman (o = )

happy (y = E)



Practice. Say your answer:

Answer the Questions

1.  What does the woman do?

2.  How does she feel?                      

3.  Does she have problems?            

4. What kind of hair does she have?

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