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Learn to Read Phonics Story: Short Vowels 2

The short vowel sounds are the A in "cat," the E in "pet," the I in "sit," the O in "hot" and the U in "up." Usually, short vowels have simple spellings.

Note: "many" and "one" are sight words. The vowel sounds differ from their spellings, but they are short vowel sounds. "Many" sounds like "meny" and "one" sounds like "wun." Also note: AN is a little different than a long A or a short A sound. It's a little bit in between, so those words are not in bold below.

The Elephant

1. This is an elephant.

2. He has a long trunk.

3. He has long tusks.

4. He lives at a zoo in California.

5. With his tusks, he can dig for roots.

6. With his trunk, he grabs plants.

7. He has thick, gray skin.

8. When he runs, he stomps on the ground.


Answer the questions

1. Does the elephant have short tusks?

2. Does the elephant have a long trunk?

3. What can he do with his trunk?

4. What does he do when he runs?

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