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Learn to Read Stories: Long A Sounds

Practice long A sounds with this story. The most common long A spellings are
AI, A_E (a with silent e nearby) and AY. Notice that sometimes A_E works because another word is the root word, as in "craze" for "crazy" and "fame" for "famous."

The Stage

a stage

1. This actor is standing on a stage.

2. There are doors with big wooden frames.

3. There is a ladder with rails.

4. The rails make the ladder safe.

5. There is a blue pail on the second floor.

6. There is a blue chair near the actor.

7. He changes the music.

8. He makes funny faces and talks to a doll.

Answer the Questions

1. Where is the actor?

2. What is on the second floor?

3. What is near the actor?

4. What does the actor talk to?

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