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Early Reader Stories: Long O Sounds

Study these Long O spellings: o (when O is the last letter) oa, o_e and ow. Other O sounds are: ow/ou, oy/oi and o(u). Ow/ou=a double vowel sound (ow is sometimes a long O, sometimes a double vowel as in "down" and "ouch"), oy, oi=another double vowel, a long O to long E sound as in "boil," and lastly, o(u), a reduced O that sounds like the "u" in "up." Vowels often reduce to this simple sound in common words.

Watch a video.

So slowly go home now.
So slow on the road now.
Go south downtown.
The boy points to mother.
He wants another
toy for his boat show.

                               So slow             road
                home                         the                Go
So slow    go                           on                         south
         ly             now.                               now.             downtown.

                                  He            no                his
                      mo                      a    ther       for       boat
The boy          to                   wants             toy                   show.
          points          ther.

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