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Early Reader Song: See Rain

Study long vowel sounds with this song that combines Long A, Long E, Long O, Long U and Long I sounds. These spellings: ai, ee, o (at the end of a word), oo and igh are very common and have few exceptions. Notice that in this song, the vowels are separated first, then put inside words. This is a helpful way of demonstrating that sounds can be put together to make words. If you sing, this song is in the form of a serpentine (the pitches are not shown completely, just approximately). Remember, you can also chant these sounds.

Watch video.

See Rain


         ai         ai                  o            ee       ee      igh
                            o                  oo
    ee        ee                                          ai       ai


      rain         rain                so          see         see      light

                               so                soon
see         see                                           rain        rain



      rain         rain                  no        see         see         night

                               no                moon
see         see                                             rain         rain

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