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Intermediate Stories with Reading Comprehension Questions

The Man in the Blue Car

blue car

1. This man is driving on the freeway. Every day, he drives to work. In the morning, he sleeps late. He gets up at 10am. He drives to work at 11am because he works a swing shift.

2. Every day he goes to a hospital. He works as a translator. His ancestors are from Thailand, and he translates for sick people from Thai backgrounds. He helps them to communicate with doctors. Because he is a clever person and a  very good interpreter, there  is always plenty of work. Some people have to face very difficult diseases.

3. He sees his wife and children after he drives home at 8pm. He likes to eat pasta for dinner with his family. When he was a child, he had to endure some stomach problems, and even now he likes to eat simple foods with very little or no spice. This can be unusual for Thai people, as many enjoy eating foods with hot spices.

4. On his days off, he goes to the library to use the computer. He has a computer at home, but he doesn't have internet. He uses the internet to email people that live far away. Someday, he wants to go to Thailand. He wants to raise his children in America, but spend his old age in Thailand.

Answer the questions:

1. What is the main idea of this passage?
A. The man is driving on the freeway.
B. The daily life of a man from Thailand who lives in the U.S.
C. Most Thai people eat hot foods.
D. The man wants to go back to Thailand.

2. What is an inference, not a fact, from the story?
A. The man has plenty of work as a translator.
B. The man likes to eat pasta.
C. The man wants to go back to Thailand.
D. Many people need translators when they see the doctor.

3. Match the words with their meanings.

ancestor            a. someone from long ago that was a relative
clever                b. to put up with, to go through a challenge
endure               c. to put into words or ideas
face                   d. intelligent
interpret            e. to confront, to deal with

(answers at the bottom of the page)

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1. b, 2. d, 3. ancestor: a, clever: d, endure: b, face: e, interpret: c