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Reading Practice: Intermediate Stories with Questions

Pike Place Market

pike place
1. Every day, people visit Pike Place Market in Seattle. There are many reasons why Pike Place is famous. It is located along the waterfront and has wonderful views of Elliot Bay. There is a cobblestone walkway where people can relax, walk and shop.

2. The shopping is unique at Pike Place: Seattle artists buy booths and sell their arts autonomously. People can buy many things: fresh fish, appropriate, seasonal hats, attractive jewelry and appealing watercolor prints. Since there are many customers daily, the salespeople amuse passersby to attract business. The team that sells fresh fish is famous for their fish-throwing routine.

3. In the picture, you can see a Starbucks coffee shop. This is the first Starbucks in Seattle, and many people take pictures of it. The woman on the left with short red hair is taking a picture. Perhaps the couple on the right, the woman with the pink shirt and the man with the blue shirt, are discussing the Starbucks cafe. In Seattle, where coffee is important, some people favor the large company model taken by Starbucks, and other people prefer the small business model used by many local cafes. Coffee is a complex topic in Seattle.

Answer the questions:

1. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
A. People visit Pike Place every day.
B. Pike Place is famous.
C. The team that sells fish is famous for their routine.
D. There are many reasons why people visit Pike Place Market.

2. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. There is a Starbucks cafe in Pike Place Market.
B. People are interested in Starbucks, whether they like the company or not.
C. All the people in the picture are interested in Starbucks.
D. Some people like Starbucks and some do not.

3. Which statement is an inference, not a fact?
A. The team that sells fish is famous.
B. The couple on the right might be talking about the Starbucks cafe.
C. The success of Starbucks can be a controversial topic in Seattle.
D. People buy many different things at Pike Place Market.

4. Match the words with their definitions.
appealing                     a. looks good
appropriate                  b. has many different points
attractive                     c. good for the senses, liked
autonomous                  d. good for the time and place
complex                        e. independent, about one person

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1. d, 2. b, 3. c, 4. appealing: c, appropriate: d, attractive: a, autonomous: e, complex: b