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Reading Practice: Intermediate Stories with Questions

Snoqualmie Pass

snoqualmie pass

1. This man lives in Seattle, Washington. His mother and sister came to visit him, and so he took them to Snoqualmie Pass (say sno-QUAL-mee). The pass is only a one hour drive from Seattle. His sister took his picture while his mother sat down to relax.

2. Snoqualmie Pass is the place where people can drive across the Cascade Mountain Range going east/west. It is the summit point, the highest point that you can take by road. During the summer, it is very beautiful, and the weather is warm. The elevation is 3,022 feet.

3. During the winter, the pass is often blocked by snow. At the top of a mountain, snow is deep and dense. People are not allowed to drive through the pass without snow chains.  Weather on mountain tops can change extremely fast too. A person could drive across on one day, have snow come and have to wait before coming back.

4. Snoqualmie Pass is a popular tourist spot during late spring, summer and early fall. People from both sides of the mountain range bring their families to enjoy views of the enormous mountains.


Answer the questions:

1. How long does it take to get to Snoqualmie Pass from Seattle?

A. about one day

B. about one hour

C. a considerable time

D. no one knows


2. What is the elevation at the summit?

A. 3,000 feet

B. 2,000 feet

C. 2, 033 feet

D. 3, 022 feet


3. When do people visit Snoqualmie Pass?

A. during the summer

B. during spring and fall

C. late spring, summer and early fall

D. all year


4. What do people need to drive over the pass in winter?

A. heavy tires

B. snow chains

C. snow mobiless

D. snow tractors

5. Instead of writing "deep and dense," we can write:

A. goes far away and is heavy

B. goes far down and is thick

C. is 6 ft and fluffy

D. is 7 ft and thick

6. What does "extremely" mean?

A. quickly

B. also

C. more than you expect

D. a lot

7. What does "enormous" mean?

A. very big

B. very fat

C. very snowy

D. very far away

8. What does "allow" mean?

A. to stop a person from doing something

B. to let everyone do something

C. to let some people do things

D. to let another (or others) do something

(answers below)

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answers: 1. b,2. d,3. c,4. b, 5. b, 6. c, 7. a, 8. d