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Reading Practice: Intermediate Stories with Questions

A Stage at Sea World


Sea World is a park in San Diego, California. They have many marine animal exhibits and some very good shows. In the shows, there are human performers and animals such as sea lions, dolphins and killer whales. This is a picture of a stage for a show with a sea lion, a seal and an otter.

2. There are many doors on the stage, and a pool where the animals swim. The many doors allow visitors to see a lot of action happening in different places. This particular show is a comedy. They enact a lot of absurd stories. In one, the sea lion is a detective and the otter turns out to be the criminal.

3. People marvel at the show because it seems unbelievable to see the animals performing. The animals wave their flippers as if saying hello, good-bye or even to show embarassment. The otter runs from one door to another, runs while balancing on top of a ball and brings messages in rolled up papers. The seal bounds across the stage and swims across the pool while balancing a ball on her nose. The sea lion is huge. He makes funny noises and is bigger than the woman who works with him. All the actors have a lot of charisma. They make the show very fun.

4. After the show, some people wait to see a second show. During this one, they discuss how they teach tricks to the animals. They demonstrate all the time, skill and patience that is required to train animals.

Answer the questions:

1. What is the main idea of this story?

A. Sea World is a park in San Diego, California

B. It's very difficult to train sea lions.

C. At Sea World, they perform shows with animals, including comedies.

D. The best show at Sea World is the one with the dolphins.

2. Which statement is a FACT, not an opinion?

A. The actors in the show are very funny.

B. The sea lion is actually embarassed when he waves his flipper.

C. Training animals is difficult.

D. The otter runs while balancing on top of a ball during the show.

3. Which statement is an OPINION, not a fact?

A. Sea World has shows with dolphins, seals and whales.

B. The shows at Sea World are marvelous.

C. The Sea Lion is larger than the woman trainer.

D. The seal balances a ball on her nose.

4. What can you infer about the author of this story?

A. The author sees animal shows all the time.

B. The author knows how to train animals and knows it's difficult.

C. The author likes the shows at Sea World.

D. The author has never been to California, but wants to go.

5. Match the words with their definitions:

absurd                         a. to show
demonstrate                b. to perform
enact                            c. silly
marvel                          d. lively and engaging
charisma                      e. to observe with wonder

(answers below)

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answers: 1. c,  2. d, 3. b, 4. c, 5. absurd: c, demonstrate: a, enact: b, marvel: e, charisma: d