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Reading with Your Kids

Here are some basic reading skills which you can cultivate in your children.

: Phonics rules show kids that letters equal sounds. Unlike some languages, English has numerous exceptions. Because of this, phonics should be taught as one way of recognizing a word or learning a new word. It serves as a foundation. Learn basic phonics under early readers.

Understanding a Story: Children excel in reading when they fully engage in the story. They look at pictures or think about the plot, ask questions aloud or to themselves. When children engage, they are focused, which leads to strong reading comprehension.

Scanning: Besides being able to read every word, scanning (being able to find a word on a page) is a great skill for both early readers and higher level readers. It is a necessary skill for answering detail-questions.

Reading at an Appropriate Speed: Children can read either too slowly or too quickly. If a child reads too slowly (more slowly than is actually possible), the reading process becomes boring. This leads to a dislike of reading. Also, if a child reads quickly without using any recall techniques, reading comprehension can go down. Doing timed readings can be a great way to help your child engage in reading.

Vocabulary-building: Once the reading process is going smoothly, students need to keep up with vocabulary in order to gain excellent language arts skills. All of the stories in the intermediate section are paired with vocabulary pages. SAT vocabulary practice is found in the advanced reader section.

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